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  • From 2025
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Innovative shaped event tent for outdoor events. Airtight construction - no need for a constantly blowing compressor. Size 2,5x2,5m

Quick-to-install eventtent for outdoor events. It takes 10 minutes to set up with a hand pump, 1.5 minutes with an electric pump!

Useful floor area 4 sqm. Non-slip floor.

The tent is open at the front and back. You can also buy walls with zippers for the front and back. And if your event takes a long, you can use tent for sleeping.

The tent is also a very large advertising space of 25 square metres!

Because the tent doesn't need a constantly blowing compressor, it's quiet, suitable for use in the rain and doesn't require an electrical connection.

Set Includes: event tent, hand pump, anchors and ropes, hammer, transport bag.

Optional extras: electric compressor (1000W, price 195 €), front roof (awning), tent connection corridor, sidewalls with zipper and window, sandbags 20 / 50 kg for extra weight and LED light sources.

NB! Fabric and print will fade normally.

Construction material: plastic, polyester fabric

Measurements: 2500 x 2450 x 2500 mm

Weight: 16,6 kg

Prices of the event tents

SetTent (base set)Tent + 2 walls
2,5x2,5 m
2025 €
Made to order
2256 €
Made to order

When buying several event tents, ask for a volume discount!

Accessories available for purchase

Tent Printed
(1 pcs)
2,5 x 2,5 m 465 € 175 € 55 €

Electric compressor (1000W) 195 €, LED light source 135 €, wireless LED light source 275 €

Sidewalls for event shelter

Tent Extra sidewall Zipper
for sidewall
for sidewall
2,5 x 2,5 m 165 € 35 € 30 €

The walls have a 4-color print (NB! the print is on the outside, the inside wall is white)

Technical information of event shelters

Dimensions Usable
area (m2)
Inside height
width (m)
height (m)
weight (kg)*
Tent with walls
weight (kg)
weight (kg)
2,5 x 2,5 m 4 2,45 2,2 2 2 22 18,4 16,6

* event shelter, walls, hand pump, anchors and ropes, hammer, carrying bag

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