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A-board Cafe

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  • A-frame / a-stand / advertising stand
  • Wooden advertising stand
  • A-stand / advertising stand / a-frame
  • Advertising stand
  • A-stand / advertising stand
  • A-stand
  • A-stand / advertising stand
  • A-stand / a-frame / advertising stand
  • A-stand / advertising stand / a-frame
  • A-board Cafe

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Light or dark brown, solid wood a-stand / a-frame / pavement sign with a chalkboard. The advertising stand is available in two sizes - 550 x 815 mm or 680 x 1148 mm.

The frame of the a-stand is made of beech, the board is made of very durable melamine. You can also write on the board with liquid chalks.

We can tape clients branding to the chalkboard. Ask price quote for the branding.

The a-stand support leg is made of natural wood so its colour and texture vary. The actual colour of the product may differ from that shown in the web image.

Construction material: solid-wood, HPL

Warranty: Warranty 2 years. Covers manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

Pavement sign with a wooden frame and a chalkboard

ColourColour nameSizeDimensions Price Availability
Light brownS550 x 815 mm90 €In stock
Dark brownS550 x 815 mm90 €In stock
Light brownM680 x 1148 mm130 €In stock
Dark brownM680 x 1148 mm130 €In stock

A-stand can be ordered with branding. Ask for an offer

A-stand technical information

A-stand A-stand
w x h x d (mm)
size (mm)
weight (kg)
550 x 815
550 x 815 x 567 470 x 660 7,7 9
680 x 1148
680 x 1148 x 784 600 x 1010 13,2 15

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