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Portable and quick-to-install belt barrier for restricting access. The colours of the barrier belt are yellow-black or red-white.

Assembly in seconds, no tools required. Unique folding leg allows the barrier to be easily carried and quickly installed if necessary. The shape of the foot ensures stability despite the lightweight design of the post. 

• The barrier pole is extremely easy to install (turn the handle to the left, push the leg open and lock the handle back on the turn - the post is open)
• Barrier belt length is 2.1 m.
• The barrier pole is stable despite its lightweight design.
• Easy to move - very portable.
• 2 high visibility colours available - yellow-black or red-white.

4 barrier pole carrying case available for purchase - 40€

Construction material: aluminium

Measurements: 500 x 960 x 500 mm

Weight: 3,2 kg

Queue barrier pole is black or anodized aluminium. Barrier belt colors are yellow-black or red-white.

ColourColour namePrice Availability
Grey, yellow-black195 €In stock
Grey, red-white215 €In stock
Black, yellow-black215 €In stock
Black, red-white215 €In stock

Set includes 1 queue barrier pole and 1 barrier belt. Carrying case for 4 queue barrier poles is available for purchase (price 40€).

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