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  • S-Tube zipper wall and counters
  • S-Tube exhibition stands and counters
  • S-Tube pop up wall / zipper wall / stretch wall
  • Zipper wall / exhibition wall / backdrop
  • Zipper wall / exhibition wall / pop up stand
  • Zipper wall / exhibition wall / backdrop
  • Zipper wall / exhibition wall / pop up stand
  • Zipper wall / exhibition wall / pop up stand
  • Zipper wall / exhibition wall / pop up stand
  • Background S-Tube CX

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Curved premium level exhibition / background / zipper wall. Ultra light, compact and easy to install. Print on both sides. Replaces old pop-up stands.

The components of the sturdy 34 mm aluminium tubular frame are clearly marked for ease of assembly. The frame has robust legs with an updated fastening solution.

The stand has curved corners and is completely covered with fabric, exuding style.

Changing the graphics and installing it properly is very easy. The fabric is pulled on the frame like a sock and therefore flattens itself. The stand can be used alternately with several designs.

The packed stand is light and does not take up much space. The advertisement stand is packed in a wheeled bag. The tools needed for assembly are included in the set.

The stretchy S-Tube fabrics are printed with harmless water-based sublimation inks and are in the B1 fire resistance class. The printing quality enables the printing of detailed images.

Other S-Tube advertisement stands.

Banner material:

Construction material: aluminium

Warranty: Warranty 2 years. Covers manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

S-tube background / exhibition wall replaces the classical pop-up stands

SizeDimensions Price Availability
CX-300ca 3 x 2,3 x 0,6 m665 €In stock
CX-400ca 4 x 2,3 x 0,8 m825 €In stock
CX-500ca 5 x 2,3 x 1 m1025 €Out of stock. Ask for delivery time!

Set includes S-Tube stand and printed banner. Print is on both sides of the stand.

S-Tube background wall and additional graphics for wall

Size Stand size
w x h x d (mm)
Weight (kg) S-Tube pop-up stand* Width of graphics (m) S-Tube
textile banner**
CX-300 2980 x 2280 x 600 10,4 296 € ca 3,3 369 €
CX-400 3980 x 2280 x 800 11,4 335 € ca 4,4 490 €
CX-500 4980 x 2280 x 1000 14 413 € ca 5,5 612 €

* S-Tube video advertising wall without banner.
** If desired, the S-Tube wall can be used alternately with several different backdrop banners.

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